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Planifica hoy mismo tu visita a Puerto Madero. Enclavado en la bulliciosa localidad de Avenida de la Paz No. 6, Col. San Angel, Mexico City, Mexico, Álvaro Obregón, nuestro restaurante está abierto hoy, listo para servirte nuestros platos emblemáticos. Como sugieren nuestra valoración de 4.7 y las opiniones de 8779, ofrecemos nada menos que una experiencia gastronómica de primera categoría.

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  • Lunes 13:00 - 01:00
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  • Dirección: Avenida de la Paz No. 6, Col. San Angel, Mexico City, Mexico, Álvaro Obregón
  • Teléfono: +5255503535 +525555503535




Darlene Kshlerin
Darlene Kshlerin

I have tried several times this restaurant since has a good reputation, but not even the first time I really like it, but last time I felt foolish going back there. They have a big menu, you can order fish, meat, pasta. it is an "Argentinian Restaurant", the price are high considering prices in Mexico and the flavor, quality and service are really bad. The fist time I went I looked like they we doing good, because it was very crowded, but last time just two weeks ago, was empty.

Mrs. Lila Corwin
Mrs. Lila Corwin

This place is mostly about seafood. I have been disappointed whenever I've ordered any other kind of dish (especially the salads and lasagna, those were pretty bad), but the fish is invariably good. Also, it is one of the better places I've found in Mexico City when it comes to sashimi.

Myrtis Cormier DVM
Myrtis Cormier DVM

One of the best restaurants in the city without a doubt. The service is good, the food is superb, they have the best "pescado a la sal" (Salted fish) you have ever tried!

Maryam Larkin III
Maryam Larkin III

Went there on a business dinner, the place is very nice, the service friendly an efficient, only the waiters always try to sell you some stupidly expensive starters which gets on my nerves.The food that day was not so great, the Kobe beef tartare was not seasoned at all and tasted so bad I had to send it back. They still charged for it and that is the next issue - the place is wildly overpriced. Won't be back, because there are so many better options.

Teresa Crooks
Teresa Crooks

I love the place, the food is almost perfect. Fair wine selection. The place, ambiance and atmosphere is very comfortable with rustic luxury. IF the price was 10-20% cheaper the place would be top 10 of the city.

Miss Mia Mante
Miss Mia Mante

I thought this was an awesome experience. We sat down to a magnificent view of the room and the roof. The restaurant is divided into two sections; dark and light. The dark part of the restaurant you are in the wine cellar area while the lighted part of the restaurant you have views of the garden and a magical starlight roof that sparkles. Once settled in the waiter made a few suggestions for a "cowboy steak or other" but we stuck to our guns and ordered the Arrachera. Wow, is all I have to say. We had some potato chips in a basket that were made of potato chips and of course an awesome Malbec. I would highly recommend this establishment to save my life.

Elody Streich
Elody Streich

This restaurante is excellent, it's very difficult to find a restaurante like this in terms of the quality of the food, the wines, desserts and coffee esspreso,We really enjoy it, the service in general is also very good including the ambiance and the place it self, highly recommended,

Lucius Hayes DVM
Lucius Hayes DVM

Puerto Madero has several locations in Mexico. This one in San Angel is beautiful and very romantic. It used to be a big mansion with a nice garden. The did an outstanding job with the decoration. When we entered the front door, we saw 2 grills and refrigerated meat displayed. Immediately we all got a big smile on our face. We had tenderloin steaks and shared some sides. The food turned out to be absolutely excellent. The services are also great. I highly recommend a visit to this restaurant and this particular location if possible.

Puerto Madero


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